The shungite mineral is a magical stone due to its innumerable properties


MovilMi exclusively brings you the impressive mineral called Shungite, or Shungite. This unique and extraordinary mineral with approximately 2,000 million years old is extracted in Karelia (Russia) and contains an innumerable amount of properties, uses and benefits for the human being and any living being that is close to it.

It can be used as:

  • Talisman: absorbing and driving away bad energies and vibrations
  • Water purifier: The Shungite stone gives energy and vitality to the water we consume, providing us with numerous benefits
  • Dissolving bad energies in the environment
  • Blocking a high percentage of harmful 5G waves
  • Giving an extra emotional security to whoever wears it.
  • Enhancing our vital and sexual energy. Shungite encourages and stimulates all forms of life that are next to it

And a long etcetera of uses that we invite you to discover for yourself by viewing our products.



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